Top 5 Bathroom Lighting Tips for Interior Design

Your home is the place you spend most of your time in, and you need it to be just about perfect. Every room in the house matters, and you need to ensure the interior décor is on point. Lighting is a massive part of the style, and different rooms require different lights.

For example, your bathroom will need to get a different light from the living room. And when it comes to the bathroom, there are different tips you can use when to light it. You only need to ensure it matches the interior design you want to pull off for the whole room.

Below are some top bathroom lighting tips you can use for interior design.

bathroom lighting


Today, it's pretty impossible to get to a house with no mirror in the bathroom. It plays a huge role in the room's interior décor and the lighting. This is on top of its primary use – checking yourself and seeing if you're on point before heading out to the world.

Before you go out and buy home lighting fixtures for your bathroom, you need to check and see if you can use a mirror. The mirror will give you a base for where you need to have the décor lights if you have no idea where you want them.

With the right mirror, you can have the lights on either side of the mirror to give you a better feel of the room. When you have the lights there, you get even illumination light for your face. Ensure you don't have the lights over the mirror in the bathroom; it can take away your confidence.

You need to ensure that the lights reflect well in the room to give you the best feel of the room. Remember, this isn't all about the reflection on the mirror; you also want the deco to look great. Regardless of where you have the mirror in there, the lights need to be on the side.

Task Lighting

It may be the décor that's deterring you from the home lighting fixtures you want in the bathroom; it shouldn't. You want to have your tasks as the priority when installing the lights. The idea is to make people look good when they do their tasks.

Have you been to a bathroom where the mirror makes you feel off? The mirror may highlight your forehead and some dark shadows under the eyes. This is the effect of bad lighting in the bathroom, which can kill your confidence before heading out.

While you do your tasks, such as shaving, makeup, or spackling, the light needs to be focused on that. You don't want any part of the task to go bad because you don't have the right lights. Guests want to fix their hair on the go, and you need to give them that option with the right lighting.

Sanctuary Setting

The bathroom represents the only sanctuary they have in their houses for most people. You need to ensure it's on point if you want to have a few hours there without disturbance. And the lighting there plays a huge role in ensuring everything goes in order.

Here, you are looking at more of the décor feature with the lights. Modern home lighting fixtures need to be mixed up to feel this effect. For example, you want to have accent, ambient, decorative, and task lights as the different lighting layers.

The primary light, though, needs to be the task lighting here. It gives you a feel of comfort without being too bright. You can look around the room and even manage some needs shut-eye for a few minutes of meditation with no disturbance.

If you love the idea of locking yourself in the bathroom to get away, you certainly need lights that will keep you there. You don't want to have lights that will chase you out of the bathroom after a few minutes.

Balance Temperature

Before you install any lights in the bathroom, you need to look at the color temperature first. It would help if you looked at the temps of both day and night for the bathroom and under different weather conditions. Different temperatures will give you different designs.

You want to ensure that the light you will have here will match and stand out regardless of the different factors. For example, does it play out if you have a flush mount chandelier lighting? Can you change it to other factors, so you look on point when looking at yourself?

For example, there are different times when you're going out in the evening, against when you're going out in the morning. You need to have a light you can easily warm-dim or have different features to match the situation. You need to look at something that gives you all the flexibility you need.

Functional but Stylish

The last tip you need to use when looking into bathroom lighting is the balance it gives. It needs to provide you balance between being functional while also being stylish. For example, have you ever been to a spa? How does the whole décor there make you feel?

That's the kind of lighting you want to incorporate into your bathroom. Here is where you want to have a flush mount chandelier lighting to match to bring in the style. And when you use the right fixture, you have something quite functional.

The lights need to be soft that it bounces back off and create a great illumination all around. Lastly, the lights you have to need to be flexible with the color temperature around the room. It needs to make you have regardless of what you are doing – hiding or any other task.


Interior design needs to be carefully crafted and have some creativity to it. If there's some discord to it, you won't get it right. You can use the above tips to give you an idea of how to go about the whole interior décor with lights in the bathroom.