Modern Farmhouse Trends for Today's Lifestyles

Homes have evolved from being just tools for shelter and relaxation. Instead, homeowners want to create safe havens where comfort and peace of mind beat other things. The modern farmhouse is one such trend that seeks to make homes more charming and fresh.

Here is all you need to know about the modern farmhouse style and how to achieve it today.

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What is a modern farmhouse style?

The modern farmhouse style gained massive popularity in 2020. This contemporary yet cozy design seeks to incorporate more than sleekness. Instead, it allows you to add a touch of personality and calmness to your home.

Modern farmhouse home design perfectly blends the traditional country look with the minimalist modern design. It upgrades the common clean lines and sleek aesthetic styles into more comforting and cozy elements.

The modern farmhouse is cozy without being busy, classic without being stuffy, and embraces less rustic decor. It's based on a neutral color scheme, salvaged materials like reclaimed wood, and clean lines.  

Modern farmhouses have become popular as they allow homeowners a touch of their roots with an infusion of modernity. You can easily get a rustic home without it looking dated. At the same time, the design limits accessories, making it easier to achieve.

Unlike the traditional farmhouse decor that is nostalgic and sentimental, the modern farmhouse is more forward-facing. It's an updated version more fitted for modern lives and contemporary homes.

How to design a modern farmhouse interior

There are trends and elements to include in your home for that modern farmhouse look. They include;

● Neutral colors

The modern farmhouse embraces neutral colors for a fresh and clean look. It's easy to build this look by layering creams, soft grays, and white. For the walls, you can go with warming beiges or greiges to create a relaxed and inviting backdrop.

The neutral colors allow you to add contemporary freshness to the style. Use the crisp white paint and tile for an expansive feel to your room and black and white patterns for shinier looks.

Don't shy from using graduated tones of a neutral color to design the modern farmhouse. Using softer shades allows your personality to shine through the design. For example, a few touches of sage green or pastel pink gives more feminine vibes while keeping the modern scheme.

● Natural elements

Natural elements like reclaimed wood are a leading feature in farmhouse designs. The wood tones prevail, whether it's the wooden beams, barn floors, doors, or rough-hewn mantels.

Nature lovers and traditionalists would particularly find the flowing woody touch on the house more pleasing. That's why more aged or hand-scrapped woods work better. They give character to the house and a more relaxed and warm vibe. Wall mirrors for sale are some of the easiest ways to introduce natural elements to a modern farmhouse.

Wood works best on the walls, floors, and backsplashes as part of the modern farmhouse. They are easy to clean and maintain, making them a popular option. Opt for water-proof options when looking for an all-year-round addition.

● Use outdoor space

Modern farmhouse incorporates outdoor space to improve the home’s value. You can use the space for beautification, a playground, or meeting space. With a few outdoor table chairs, you can have a good place to host your loved ones for parties and other activities.

● Comfortable furniture

Furniture is the hallmark of any interior design, and the modern farmhouse is no exception. The design integrates comfortably sitting in its heart - you need it to view the exceptional decor.

Avoid hard sitting and leather couches in your modern farmhouse. Instead, go for the softer furniture. Also, to match your modern wooden table, go with bench sitting instead of the common mismatched wooden chairs found in most country homes.

Other than comfort, the furniture should also be functional. Include additional decor elements like large windowpane-style mirrors or Persian rugs to open rooms more.

● Minimalism

If you want to splurge everything around the room, then maybe a modern farmhouse is not for you. However, if you embrace minimalism, you will find it easier to get the design right.

Modern farmhouse is all about form, function, and comfort. For this, you have to keep the decor style minimal. Every home decor furniture in the house must serve a specific purpose or enhance a given feature.

Compared to the traditional farmhouse, the modern design is more paired-back. You might have to do away with many features you would otherwise have in any other setup.

Less is more when it comes to modern farmhouses.

● A mix of vintage and modern pieces

A modern farmhouse design is more about character and depth. The easiest way to achieve this is by adding pieces of classics to the modern setup. Whether a vintage armchair in the lounge or salvage fixtures in the bathrooms or kitchens, classic materials feel right in the modern farmhouse.

Combine your modern furnishings with those used in a previous life. For example, displaying antique signage on the shelf or vintage artwork can lighten up a farmhouse. You can also try your hand at upcycling and repurposing. For example, turning a salvaged sewing machine into a console table or old wooden boxes into a stand.

Repurposing helps avoid the cluttered look, which is anonymous with country homes while maintaining the antique look.

● Mixed metals

Modern farmhouse integrates mixed metal use for that classy yet rustic look. Feel free to use iron, chrome, brass, or copper in the home. The different metals help avoid the contemporary focus on a single theme while keeping that farmhouse feel. Include a flush-mount chandelier lighting for that modern touch.

Is modern farmhouse design for you?

Even though modern farmhouse design has become more popular, not everyone will appreciate it. It's excellent for those who stay in the country but want a modern touch to their home decor. You can also opt for it when remodeling a cottage home.

The design can also work best for you if you live in an urban but crave the rural lifestyle. The design is so versatile that it can work both in the city and in rural without feeling awkward. You can also choose specific tweaks to make it feel more country or modern.