How to Find a Perfect Size Chest Tv Stand for Your Space?

TV brings together the whole family at the end of the day to sit together and watch a movie or show. Hence an entertaining unit becomes the most important furniture piece in your house. After the center table, it is the second most essential thing that grabs the attention of all the guests. Therefore buying a TV unit which serves the purpose and is also aesthetically appealing is a very good choice. 

You can make an entertainment section in your house by placing the TV unit as the gathering spot, backed up opposite the wall. The perfect TV stand design will uplift the ambiance of your house while taking care of the storage facility as well. Depending on the size of the Tv stand you buy, this will help you to view the TV from bed and that will add interest to your bedroom space as well. 

With the progress in technology, the designs and shapes of TV stands have been upgraded. Going with a stylish Chest TV Stand will not only hold your TV but will also spruce up the look of your room. You can choose a chest tv stand that is sturdy and gives good support. Finding a perfect size for your chest tv stand can be a daunting task, but don’t worry about it. We have put together this guide so that you can find your perfect size chest tv stand!

Tv stand size guide - The basics 

Before you go shopping for a TV stand, you need to check the size of your television. Usually, TVs are used to measure diagonally. So if you don’t know what your TV size is, take out a measuring tape and start measuring from the lower left to upper right corner of the TV screen. Also, measure the full width of your TV. These both of the measurements will help you to find which size of tv stands to choose. 

Our basic thumb rule when choosing the right size of the TV stand is that it must be at least a few inches broader than the base of your TV. This will help you to watch your tv with plenty of clearance and the setup look will be more visually pleasing. If you want to add decorative items like books or vases on the side of the TV stand then you need to opt for a wider stance to place your TV. 

tv chest for drawers


How to choose a perfect size chest TV stand?

Keep reading to learn how to choose a perfect size chest Tv stand for your home.

1. Find a comfortable viewing height:

Continuously craning your neck to watch tv at awkward angles for long hours is a sign of discomfort, so your TV stand, position the screen at eye level. Generally, TV height is about 42 inches, but the perfect position depends on the height of your sofas or chair. You can measure your eye level while seated, to make sure that the central part of the TV is not far above your sightline. Prefer purchasing a TV stand with the amount so that you can adjust the display level as required.

2. Match the size and width of the TV:

If you are planning for a 40- or 50-inch Tv to take home for theatre quality viewing, think wisely about how much wall and floor space is required to set aside for a large scale model. When space allows, check for Tv consoles that are larger than your display to stop unnecessary hang, especially if you have positioned your TV in the middle of a room. Mostly a flat-screen TV has a base for weight distribution as well.

3. Choose the right material:

Ensure to find the tv stand made from the right material like glass, wood, particleboard, metal, and medium-density fiberboard. The best quality material speaks to the product's longevity. Wood is the best choice for a chest tv stand as it is a long-lasting material. Particle and medium density fiberboard are a budget-friendly alternative to wood, hence they give less longevity but are adequate to stand up to everyday use. Glass tv stands are durable but glass is delicate metal so try to reserve them for low traffic households. 

4. Think out for storage and organization:

Keeping your TV stand mess-free from clutter and cables is one of the perfect ways to showcase your TV screen. Shop for a TV chest with drawers so that you can organize media or magazines to it. Also if you are planning to put accent decor on display then look for a large unit stand with broad tabletop space. Large tv stand units are great for arranging various electronics in a compact and centralized location. Many TV stands have cutouts for cord management which help you conceal cables and protect your family from electrical hazards. 

5. Design and style:

Appearance does matter. Although shopping for a TV stand is a personal choice, we recommend picking a TV stand design that goes with the trend and styles your home well. They are available in a wide range of decorative elements from round-based to staggered shelving to asymmetrical shapes. So check for all the ongoing trends and see what decor style will be the best for your home. 


We hope this guide will help you to find the perfect size for your chest tv stands for your space. 

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Happy shopping!