How to Choose the Right Table Lamp Sets Online for Home

It is always the small details in your home that make the most significant difference. But you can’t think of perfect decoration without choosing the right lamp sets. The task, however, comes on how and where to buy the right one. While there are many physical and eCommerce stores that you can rely on, getting the right store for your home furniture online can get your needs sorted more conveniently and quickly.

Reasons your home needs a suitable table lamp

While the color scheme, theme, and style greatly influence our decor, it's lighting that vastly creates your choice's ambiance and mood. A simple change in your lighting can completely transform the atmosphere from a dull space into a cozy hub. Here're some tips on the best way to choose the right table lamp sets.

Table Lamp Sets

1. Find the right place

First, determine where you want to place the lamp and the exact height you want to position it. Note its distance from your cozy chair, couch, or bed. Please don't buy the table lamp first and try to fit it in your living room or bedroom. When you're not lucky, the light might end up being too bright or darker, or stand being tall or short for your space. You may not need a bright bedside lamp like the one in the living room! Before you begin shopping, clearly define your lamp's purpose.

2. Dimensions

It is the tricky part when choosing a new table lamp. The height of the item that you choose will depend more on the space and decoration around it. If you have a high bedside table, a shorter lamp will work well. You can generally choose a lamp which shade's bottom is the same level as your eyes when resting or seated. This will work whether you are buying a table lamp for your reading nook, side lamp, or one next to your living room's couch.

3. Playstyle

Some buyers don't know whether table lamps have their styles, but the answer is yes. The lamp’s shade is what influences the whole attractiveness. In most cases, the lamp's body makes a vast difference and defines the same. Most of the products will perfectly match the unique and extraordinary style in your home. Another method is to provide a radiant focus for the room by introducing an entirely different kind from the table lamp!

4. Color world

A neutral background without bold colors is almost the standard in most modern homes. Since neutral colors such as gray also prevail, table lamps offer the option of adding color labels. Multi-colored delights enable you to choose almost any shade, while the industrial-style gilded copper or golden table lamps continues to give elegant metallic glitter.

5. Shadows and Lampshade

Lampshade and size are other crucial elements to choose when shopping for table lamp sets. The lampshade's pattern and style should not limit you, but you should consider the ergonomics and lampshade proportions related to the lamp body. The lampshade diameter should be 2 inches less compared to its body length. Drum shade is usually the safest choice. The narrower the shade's base, the smaller the illuminated area.

6. Pay attention to details

Most table lamps allow you to easily change the color, while there're those with spider adjustments; others may support clip-on among other fittings. Please check before you replace your lampshade. The bulbs utilized in table lamps have had a long journey from the conventional CFLs to LED lighting. But the latter is preferred since it will reduce your power bill. However, not every table lamp supports the duo switch. You should check the more minor details (such as maximum output) before purchasing.

7. Mix and match

The product that you buy should blend well with the room's style. It must also seamlessly add to other layers of lighting. These can be recessed lights that set the overall atmosphere, accent lighting that focuses on particular artworks or architectural features, or even functional lighting. To get a unique look, try using two different table lamps with similar geometric shapes or colors.

Consider below factors

  • If the interior ceiling is not at the standard height of 9 feet or a flat surface, you may need additional components to hang and install the fixture at a suitable height.
  • When buying a fixture, ensure you have adjustable rods or components for the task.
  • Make sure you know the ceiling height in the room and consider the ceiling surface.

What is the correct shape of the lampshade?

There is no strict standard when choosing the shape of your lampshade, considering aesthetics are subjective. However, it is a good idea to have similar outlines for the lamp holder and lampshade. If the lamp holder is curved, round shades may look better than shadows with sharp corners. This also applies to straight base and square shadows. While the mixing and matching of shapes may soothe your eclectic mood, they can cause cognitive dissonance, which may feel off.

The angle on either side of the shadow is another factor. The cone or vertical surface in almost all colors may be slightly concave or straight. The shadow angle can be acute, cut at a 45° angle, or rounded. The shade's bottom edge can be straight or fan-shaped (circular part). Many decisions are personal preferences.

Most lampshades have below popular shapes:

  • Drum shade
  • Drum Lamp Shade
  • Oval Lamp Shade
  • Geometric Lamp Shade
  • Empire Lamp Shade
  • Coolie Lamp Shade

They all come in handy when choosing your lamp sets. Every shade you choose will determine your mode and style in your room.

Winding Up

While the world is filled with charming chandeliers, suitable old table lamps might seem to be less fancy choices. But you cannot underestimate the value of elegant and sturdy table lamp sets. It will add illumination, texture, contrast, color, and symmetry to any space it decorates when used correctly. Always consider buying them in home furniture online stores as you take the factors mentioned above into consideration.