7 Designer Tips to Style Mismatched Nightstands the Right Way

While thinking of the best interior design ideas for your bedroom that suit your style, a bed is considered the most essential part of the bedroom. It is that important aspect of a room that anchors your space beautifully. Besides this, it is also the most practical piece of furniture in the room. But a furniture piece that comes second to the kingdom of bedroom essentials is pleasing nightstands. It is essential to have a place where you can put your phone, TV remote, a glass of water, a table lamp, and other essential items.

Most people opt for matching nightstands but this is not compulsory at all. If you do not want to go for this casual approach, then break the rules. Move away from the matchy-matchy look for your bedroom and go for mismatched nightstands instead. However, we all know that there is an art involved in everything, so the same is the case with mismatched nightstands. 

When planning to choose a pair of modern bedside tables, there are a few things you should consider. The first thing is the scale and height of the nightstands in proportion to the bed. And second is the style. So we are breaking down some of the seven designer tips to style mismatched nightstands the right way.

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1. Play with different shapes, but go for one common feature:

You can go for mix and match nightstands so likewise, you can play with your bedside tables by choosing different shapes but ensure to have one common feature that will tie each other together. You can go mix it up with different shapes like oval, square, round, or rectangular. 

 To give a visual interest to your room, you can go with two nightstands that have the same material, and wood is considered the best material to play with. You just need to ensure that they both should be of the same finish or should belong to the same color family.

2Go for an asymmetrical look, but consider storage too:

Most of the time people consider nightstands for more of their necessity rather than choosing them for an aesthetic appeal. So those who want to go for this approach can add a traditional bedside table on one side of the bed and for the other side, you can go for a nightstand that adds a little pop. This will give your corner of the room more of a moment. 

Make sure while selecting the nightstands that add a little pop should not feel out of place or under thought. So balance it out with the space and remember to prioritize storage also. 

3. Pair a bookshelf case with a nightstand:

If you love reading books and want to keep all your books in your bedroom then you can simply include a bookshelf case next to your bed. It will be a great option to show off your special book collection and will be a good option for a second nightstand. 

Generally, a bookshelf case adds height to space so you have to balance it out with the rest of your room composition. You can balance it out by hanging a piece of wall art to supplement the height of the bookcase.

4Concentrate on some fascinating details:

If you want an eclectic look for your space, opt for a mix and matching in shapes, materials and different styles whenever looking for two nightstands. By doing this both of the nightstands will look different and will give an interesting look. You can create a more pedestal look for one side of the nightstand that will give a glam vibe and for the second one you can just go with a substantial chest that has two to three drawers which will create a coastal vibe. The two of them will definitely bring something special to your space. 

Pro tip: By mixing materials, shapes, and different table styles you can create a bold statement. So what are you waiting for? Go bolder and daring to create an eclectic space by mixing materials, shapes, and different table styles. 

5Opt for different table heights:

Another method to style your nightstands is that you can opt for different table heights but don’t forget the functionality of the table to you. You can choose a little taller nightstand at one corner of the bed and a shorter table on the other side of the bed which will look eye-catching. On one of the stands, you can place a lamp stand, a plant, or any other decorative stuff while on the other side you can keep the other usable items that you might need at the ready. 

6Think of mixing up with the materials:

If you want to go for a more playful style then you can try mixing materials. Just ensure that if you choose different shapes then you can have various materials to play. By varying this, it will give your space a texture. And as they say, the texture is considered to be your best friend. 

For example, if you want a more refined look you can go for a rough royal wood and seagrass material while having different textures, they pair naturally well with each other. If you want your space that looks greener then you can also add natural cotton bedding and green plants to create a space that is inspired by nature. 

7Consider all the angles:

Make sure to check the angle of your bed. While entering your bedroom the first thing you see is your bed then the nightstands will be more noticeable. If this is the scenario then they will work best if they are of the same height. While if your bed is embedded to one side of your bedroom, making the nightstands farthest from the door, you will have more freedom and can try for the asymmetrical look with the nightstands of different heights. 

As there are no hard and fast rules, usually the nightstand that is closer to the door should be of shorter height as a taller one will create a recede in the distance. 


With no doubt, mismatched nightstands make a fun interior design statement that gives your bedroom a perfect personality. If you are looking for amazing nightstands then you are at the right place. Home furniture online provides the best quality nightstands. Check out our latest collection of bedroom furniture online on our website today!