Tips and Tricks to Choosing the Right Flush Mount Chandelier Lighting

Flush mounts are highly preferred because they are versatile. Besides, they come in different finishes and styles. 

Flush mount, chandelier lighting fits perfectly in small spaces like low ceilings. They provide ambient lighting for closets, small rooms, and hallways.

It’s a very common ceiling lighting in homes. Flush mount, chandelier lighting can illuminate large areas and enhance the space.

Lighting your dining or living room requires serious deliberations on the right chandelier size or style to use. However, this largely depends on the existing space and furniture.

Having the right measurements ensures that your flush mounts illuminate the space well.

Lighting fixtures - what are they?

These are lightings that are closely mounted to the ceiling to provide a greater ceiling clearance. They blend well with ceilings but should be strategically implemented to maximize their decorative aspect.

They include chandeliers, flush mounts, semi-flush mounts, and more.

The lighting fixtures come in different shapes, styles, and finishes giving homeowners an opportunity to pick their preference.

Create your identity and design masterpiece by incorporating a flush mount that creates uniqueness in your dining room. 

Tips on selecting the right chandelier lighting


Choose lighting that complements your dining table. For example, a round table deserves a round chandelier. Go for a style, shape, or size that complements your dining room table.


Measure the length and width of the designated dining area in feet and convert to inches. The flush mount size should be a third of the dining table width.

For example, a 5-foot or 60 inches round dining table needs a 20-inches chandelier in diameter. If the dining table is rectangular or oval-shaped then you need an elongated chandelier.

Central location

Chandeliers or flash mounts should be centrally located above the dining table. This ensures the lighting is the focal point centered on the dining table.


Pick the right flush mount style that complements your home character and personality. Choose from the endlessly available home lighting fixtures.

Chandeliers are ideal for dining space and come in different styles such as rustic, classic, elegant, and modern. Align your fixtures with your dining space and table as earlier explained. 

Flash mounts are ideal for small dining areas and rest well on the ceiling. Use flash mounts if your rooms have a low ceiling.

Alternatively, you can use semi-flush lighting to give the home space a different appeal. Above all, ensure the flush mount aligns with your room-space size. 

flush mount chandelier lighting


The general rule is always to use 30-36 inches from the dining table if you have an 8-feet high ceiling. However, if the ceiling is higher, then mount your chandelier 3-inches higher.

Adjust the figures depending on the space to get the best feel. The idea is to avoid blocking your view with your chandelier or having it hitting your centerpiece.

Most importantly, the guidelines ensure you don’t set the chandelier too high that the lighting is poor. 


The dining room is special and the place where the family gathers to enjoy a sumptuous meal. It’s only good that you have the right chandelier that sets the mood properly.

Home decor is crucial to creating ambience. However, the brightness of the chandelier or flush mounts is an important component in realizing the best ambience. 

Try putting your lighting fixture on a dimmer switch. This ensures you accommodate a range of lighting levels in the course of the day. The total wattage of your fixture should be between 200-300 watts.

Accent lighting

As much as larger chandeliers are mostly the focal point of your dining room, you need to maximize the space. Add layers of light to get that beautifully illuminating buffet setup. 

Wall sconces are the best way to increase ambience and can be applied on sideboards or a credenza. Other options include recessed lights that add extra brightness in dark corners.

What are the available flush mount designs?

Flush mounts come in different designs ranging from traditional lighting to contemporary lighting. Most flush mount chandelier lighting has a clean, minimalist look while some are lavish.

Shape and size are crucial considerations when deciding on the right home lighting fixture. It’s best to avoid overwhelming your space by using a fixture that is overly large or too small for the room. 

The material, style, and finish of the fixture should complement your interior decor.

  • Traditional designs

These designs have an antique or heritage feel. Mostly they come in bronze, iron, or brass tones to give you the rustic feel. 

  • Transitional designs

These are fixture designs that mimic traditional and contemporary designs.   They come in various styles with some made of bowl-shaped plastic or glass.  

Some designs bear antique elements of bronze or iron. You also find designs with a modern finish like stainless steel or nickel.

  • Contemporary designs

These are modern fixture designs. They invoke elegance and show simple and clean lines. Mostly they have understated and minimalist designs. You can also find experimental and futuristic styles.

  • Styled designs

They appeal to particular style preferences. These fixtures most come in eclectic and niche designs.

Style preferences include animal, nautical or children’s, rustic, or Tiffany themes. Some have branched pattern lighting and others floral-themed lighting.

Which are the most commonly used flush mounting finishes and styles?


This is a predominant shape and comes with a modern touch to complement contemporary and traditional interior designs. The idea is to watch the dining table shape and pick a finish and style that enhance its appeal. 


Rectangles are age-old design styles that are still widely used. The lighting fixtures are commonly used when you have a rectangular dining table to give your dining room the aesthetic finish you desire. 


Styled designs maximize irregular shapes to bring uniqueness and originality. This largely depends on individual design and style preferences.

Bottom Line

Focus on getting the right home lighting fixture that brings out that perfect interior design you desire. Select an appropriate fixture that best delivers your heart desires and enhances your dining experience. Stick to the recommended measurements to get maximum illumination.