Stylish Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Transform Your Patio

Are you looking to decorate your patio hospice up your night sky? Look no further because the American home furniture has all you need to achieve your outdoor lighting dream. Exterior lighting is very crucial for every home. Be it for lighting reasons or decoration purposes. Also, outdoor lighting enhances the fantastic features of your home. With this understanding, it's crucial to choose the best home lighting fixtures for your home.

Let’s have a look at some modern outdoor lighting fixture ideas to consider for your home.

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Modern Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Your Home

Bold, fun, functional, and eye-catchy are significant factors to consider when looking for your home lighting fixture. Below are some fantastic ideas to illuminate your patio as well as your personality.

1. Ceiling and Hanging Lights

Hanging and ceiling outdoor lights are a perfect choice for those with covered patios or a porch. You can fix these outdoor hanging lights on the underside of a ceiling covering the outside area of the deck or the porch. The flush mount chandelier lighting is well suited for outdoor ceiling lights. Ideally, you can fix the chandelier in a position that cast its light downwards, illuminating the shadows at night.

The hanging chandelier lights are usually fixed downwards through a chain or a cord. The lantern hangs at the end hence radiating its light downwards and in all directions. With hanging ceiling lights, high ceilings are most suitable to achieve the needed lighting.

2. Outdoor Floor Lamps

Outdoor lamps come in handy for adding some light element on rooftops, gardens, or urban balconies. Thus, you must choose modern LED floor lamps with unique shapes, forms, and functions to create a symmetrical ambiance throughout the outdoor space.

Additionally, Outdoor lamps are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions such as rain, snow, or the sun. While they may withstand the test of time from such adversaries, they require regular cleaning from cobwebs, debris, mold, and dirt.

3. Lamppost Lights

Lamppost lights are best known for exterior lighting. They are flexible thus can be fixed in any area of your outdoor property. The outdoor pole lights are usually mounted high above the ground to achieve the desired lighting in the surrounding areas. Additionally, these outdoor lamp posts take a variety of styles, shapes, forms, and angles. That means they can radiate their light in most directions.

Therefore, lamppost lights are best placed near driveways, in the yard, or on the front lawn. If you are looking to light up your long driveway, light posts are your best choice. Since post lamps emit light in all directions, they are best suited for curvy pathways. Solar LED lights have become a popular energy-efficient alternative to electrical post lights. These solar lamps use energy from the sun hence will save you a lot of electricity bills.

4. Outdoor Wall Lights

These outdoor lights are, mounted on the exterior walls of your home. They are mostly placed on the porch, on the side door, or in the garage. What these wall lights can do is impressive. For instance, their light illuminates the floor around your feet (to help you find lost keys), and the up plights on the perimeter walls highlight the beauty of your home.

5. Ceiling Fans

If you have a barbecue area or a garden for holding parties, it's wise to invest in an outdoor ceiling fan. These outdoor ceiling fans help light your outside space while circulating cool and fresh air during summer.

6. String Lights

They are small lamps positioned on a string or cord outside the patio, deck, or backyard. These small lanterns are intended for use in adverse conditions, such as rain. Since string lights are waterproof, they are usually strung outside into a regular electrical outlet to produce light. These light ropes are popular and are commonly used to bring more fun and life to parties.

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Tips to Consider When Choosing Your Outdoor Home Lighting 

a. Safety rating

When looking for the appropriate outdoor lighting for your home, it's essential to consider safety measures such as “wet conditions" warnings. While some are designed to be used in “damp” areas, others require total covering from wet conditions to avoid accidents.

b. Functionality

It’s important to consider extreme weather conditions when purchasing your outdoor lights. Some outdoor lighting is designed to withstand harsh conditions such as coastal seawater corrosion. Thus, suitable for those living near the beach or coastal areas.

c. Power

All Outdoor lighting requires some kind of power or energy to light up. However, most outdoor lighting requires electrical power to light up. Thus, you need electric power for wiring and lighting purposes.

d. Cost

Before installing your outdoor lighting, it's wise to have a rough idea of the cost of the whole project. This will vary according to the extent of the property and the part of the property that is being used. For sufficient lighting of your patio, you require more than one outdoor light. However, the more the lights, the more the cost. Hence, the need to have a straightforward and affordable budget for the project.

e. Style and Design

Outdoor lighting fixtures come in different forms, shapes, styles, and designs, including traditional, modern, ornamental, dark, light, warm, etc. Therefore, when buying your outdoor lighting, it's crucial to choose a style that matches your home and building style.

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Finally, the installation of patio lights depends on whether your patio is covered or not. For outdoor patio light, it's wise to use landscape lights and post lamps. Whereas, for covered patios, it's wise to combine post lights, wall lights, or even outdoor lamps.

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