How to Create Your Modern Home Office Desk

This pandemic has resulted in lots of new changes. Popularizing work-from-home culture is one of them. So, with most people now working from home, the modern home desk is in high demand. A dedicated working space in your home will help you to focus on your work and set you aside from household distractions. 

The possibilities are endless when it comes to setting up a modern home office desk. You can accomplish your own personality in your workspace with the right accessories and items. Are you ready to remodel your home into a modern space that you will actually love to work in? We have prepared a few ideas for a modern home desk office design so that you can make a perfect space for working.

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Modern Home Office Ideas

Every one of us wants something fresh and new from our workspace. People are investing in home offices by creating a modern and creative aesthetic for their working spaces. There are different styles available for designing your workspace. You need to consider what you want from your space and the key is to make it a unique space to inspire creativity and productivity. 

Having this in mind, you can modify any dining room, living space, guest room, or empty room into a modern home office. Yes, you have heard it right- you do not require any extra room to set up a home office. So how do you go about creating a modern home office desk that is both fashionable and at the same time functional too? Here are six modern home office ideas to help you make a productive workspace at home:

1. The key part is location: Home office designs  come in various styles, structure, and sizes. You can set your home office desk in your bedroom, living room, maybe a separate room, a silent corner, or it can be in your kitchen. To select the right space for making your workspace you have to discover where and when you want to do your work. 

In case you are a working mom then the ideal space at your home can be your kitchen area so that it is easy for you to manage the household work and office work. However, if you are a professional then you can choose a place that is away from all the household chores and distractions. 

2. Select your office chair: After choosing your location your next step in designing a modern home office is to pick an office chair. Today half of the population of the world is suffering from back pain due to poor seat design. So you should choose a comfortable desk chair of good quality with adjustable height. Also go for a soft cushioned seat of fabric, leather, or faux leather that helps you stay comfortable during long hours. 

If your office colleague or any client visits you more often than you can choose some accent chairs for their seating. 

3. Set up a good lighting scheme: Bright workplaces with good lighting promote a good mood and one’s productivity. If you can set up your modern office desk in a space that has natural lighting then it would be great. But if it is not possible then you must have a good lamp set or floor lamp with you in your home. For a working space, the lighting should be proper in the whole area rather than only on your desk. A dark office space with minimal lighting can feel dreary to work in. 

So to avoid this you should use higher watt bulbs in your existing lighting fixture along with a bright lamp or floor lamp set. 

4. Manage your technology: Nothing at all makes a home office look messy than lots of cable wires hanging from your desk and spreading everywhere. So you should hide your cable cords and manage your technology with the following steps:

  • You can use a wireless router. This will reduce half of your wires.
  • Invest in a wireless mouse and printer.
  • You can add a grommet to your desktop which will help to keep the wires staggered that go down.
  • If you find any loose wire along the floor, you can tie them with a simple cord tamer.
5. Prioritize your stockpile and shelving: Storage is mostly overlooked when you are setting up your workspace in your home and this can have a good effect on your productivity. Everyone has a different workspace, so it depends on you whether you require a bookcase, filing cabinet, or both. You must think about what you require by your side while you are working and after that, you can choose accordingly. 

    If you are one of those who have lots of paperwork, you must ensure to have proper shelving, bookcases, file cabinets, or cupboards so that your storage needs are fulfilled. For this, you need to check your workflow first, where your files, diaries, and papers will stay when you are working and where they will go when work gets completed.

    So you can have your inbox near your seating area. Keep all the ongoing stuff of work within your arm’s reach. Ensure to establish your stock filing system near you. Do not forget to have your reference material within your reach if you require your work related manuals, all your catalogs, or books. You can make a shelf near your workspace to place all your work-related items close to you.

    6. Let your office desk inspire you: Having things that you admire you keep around you will inspire you so you can add your family photographs, eye-catching artwork, gallery wall, or some inspirational quotes. Keeping these things around your desk table will keep you motivated and will keep you reminded of your goals. 

    Often family photographs remind you of why you are working so hard and inspirational quotes will help you to go on smoothly when the day seems to drag on. 


    These are a few smart tips that you can apply to make your home office space more productive, sophisticated, and comfortable. American home furniture is all in one platform for you if you are looking for office furniture online. Shopping online at will always treat you with utmost courtesy, personal attention, and professional service. 

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