6 Home Upgrades That Will Boost Your Property Value

When you’re looking to sell your home, you want it to fetch the best price possible in the real estate market. One of the best ways to achieve this is by doing some basic renovations and upgrades to your home.

If these upgrades are done right, they will give any homeowner the upper hand during negotiations when they decide to sell it. This is because most of these upgrades can help modernize even the oldest homes and give them that elegant touch they might be missing.

While some upgrades are essential, some end up compromising the idea you’re trying to portray about your home. For this reason, here is a detailed breakdown of the best upgrades that will help increase your property value;

1. Remodel the Kitchen

The right kitchen design will sell a home on its own. The best place to start when upgrading your home is to ensure that your kitchen is modernized and appealing. Nowadays, most people prefer cooking at home as opposed to ordering takeouts or even dining outside.

For this reason, the design and appearance of the kitchen matter a lot. The best thing about remodeling a kitchen is that you can enjoy the new upgrades even before you can sell your house.

Even when you’re on a budget, there are some kitchen ideas you can explore to help better its appearance and functionalities.

They include;

  • Repainting your cabinets.
  • Redo your kitchen flooring.
  • Install a new countertop.
  • Increase the seating options.
  • Install new and modern pantry doors.

2. Update the appliances

Another upgrade that will help increase your home value is ensuring that your appliances are up to date. No one wants to rent or buy a property which has broken or malfunctioning appliances.

However, things like a refrigerator, stoves, and HVAC systems catch the eye of most people taking a tour of your home. For this reason, you should ensure that they are in the best state they can be.

It’s even better to ensure that you update your appliances every ten years or even less. Also, it’s important to note that most people trying to buy your home will be interested in finding modern appliances.

These include dryers, coffee makers, induction cookers, smart TV, and washing machines. This is because most prospective buyers are looking for comfort and convenience and some of these modern appliances guarantee that.

3. Remodel the living room

The living room is one of the most important aspects of any home. It’s important to give it a priority when you’re upgrading your property as it is one of the major selling points. However, when remodeling the living room, ensure that you understand all the latest trends.

For example, bolder furniture like a modern ottoman bench is gaining popularity among many homeowners. There are several ideas you can explore to improve your living room décor.

Buy Coffee Table

They include;

  • Buy coffee tables and place them strategically in the living room.
  • Introduce more interesting focal points in the living room aside from the television. Things like artworks might help lighten up the room.
  • Repaint the living room with bright and warm colors.
  • Set up unique and appropriate lighting fixtures.
  • Mix textiles, leather, metals, and wood items to create a more inviting space.

4.  Furnish the bedrooms

Another aspect you should focus on when upgrading your property is the bedrooms. They might not be that visible to some people, but they add up to the property’s overall design.

When you go out to buy coffee tables for the living room, you might need to add bedroom headboards to the list. The reason bedroom headboards are becoming increasingly popular among most property owners is that they’ll lighten up any bedroom.

In addition, they increase the overall comfort of the bedroom as you can sit up straight on your bed. This makes it possible to read or watch without strain.

Another way you can furnish the bedroom is by repainting and adding other pieces of furniture such as a modern ottoman bench, wardrobes, and armoires. This will help elevate the overall design of the bedrooms and give them a desirable look.

5. Smarten up the home

Technology has undoubtedly taken over the world, and it’s important to keep up with its trends when upgrading your property. Automating your property will help increase its value a lot.

The initial cost of switching to a smart home might be significant, but this investment will pay off in the long run. Recent studies have shown that smart homes sell faster and at a better price than other homes.

This is because smart home devices appeal to many people as they elevate the home’s comfort and convenience. When you smarten up your home, you’re increasing its safety and security, which is something most prospective buyers are looking for.

This is because you can control all your home’s functionalities through your phone or by giving voice commands.

Below are some of the basic gadgets you’ll need to smarten your property;

  • Smart lights.
  • Smart learning thermostat.
  • Smart cameras and doorbells.
  • Smart smoke detectors and alarm systems.
  • Smart speakers and TVs.

6. A home Office

With the ongoing pandemic, working from home has become necessary for most people. Most people looking to purchase your property will need a space where they can continue with their work peacefully and far from noise.

Adding a home office to your home will help appeal to these people and even those who didn’t think they needed one. In addition, any property with a home office is bound to long more modernized than one without.

Consequently, this also guarantees a much higher value for your property in the real estate market.


When you follow these upgrades, you’re bound to rip more rewards in the long run. This is because you won’t need to wait for years before finding a buyer willing to match your asking price. These upgrades are bound to market the property even better and at a higher value.