How To Pick Flush Mount Chandelier Lighting to Decorate the Ceiling of a Home

Looking to decorate the ceiling of your home? The right kind of lighting can complete the look of your home and could do wonders. Also, your home interior will not get the proper attention which they deserve if there is no proper lighting. Even if the space in your home is broad or compact, the right kind of ceiling lights can help to brighten up your home better by not compromising on floor space. 

There are a huge variety of options available in the market, so you may get confused. To help you make the correct decision we are there to help you out. 

Keep reading! Let’s start with the basics!

flush mount chandelier lighting

What do you mean by ceiling lights?

An instrument that fixtures lighting that is directly mounted on the ceiling to illuminate a room or a specific space are called ceiling lights.

Types of ceiling lights 

Before you choose to revamp your house with new ceiling lights, it is important to consider the variety available. Following is some of the popular types of ceiling lights:

1Flush Mount Chandelier: Chandelier lighting has carved branches with multiple lighting bulbs fitted to it. Having a beautiful flush mount chandelier lighting will add some pizazz to your living space. This type of lighting fixture will become the center of focus of the room so you have to pick the style of chandelier carefully. If you want to add a sophisticated look to your living space then you can go for something ornate, traditional, contemporary, depending upon your existing decor. 

Pro tip: If you want your chandelier to look perfect, ensure the ceiling height should be above 10 feet to avoid any kind of disruption in movement. 

2. Flush mount ceiling lights: They are best suited for homes with low ceilings as they hang close to the ceiling of your home and attract very little attention. This type of pleasant lighting fixture can be used to brighten up almost any space from bedroom to hallways to kitchen and bathroom. So in case you are looking to buy flush mount ceiling lighting for your home, you are at the right place. Browse through our collection and make eco-conscious choices with us!

Pro tip: We recommend installing flush mount ceiling lights in homes where the ceiling height is below 8 feet. 

3. Semi-Flush Mount lights: This is another popular choice and versatile style of ceiling light fixture. In scenarios where you do not have the sufficient height to hang a chandelier yet want a unique lighting fixture to stand out, semi-flush mount lights come to your rescue. They are inexpensive and create ambient lighting for your space. One of the most important things about semi-flush mount lights is that it is very easy to change the light bulb in them. 

Pro tip: Well suited for ceiling heights which are 9-10 feet. You can fix them on your kitchen nook or dining room as well. 

4. LED lighting: LED lighting is not mounted on the ceiling of your home, instead they are installed around the ceiling of your home and adds a touch of classic touch to your room. The ceiling of your room will reflect the light from the LED lighting which makes your room look bigger. They are energy efficient and very affordable. With our wide collection of LED ceiling lighting, you will definitely find the right choice to brighten your home.

Pro tip: Led lighting helps to soften harsh lighting. If you want to welcome your guests into your home to make your space for conversation, LED lighting might be a good idea! 

Tips on how to pick flush mount chandelier lighting to decorate ceiling of the home

Here are some of the factors to consider while picking a flush mount chandelier lighting:

1. Size and scale matter: This is an important factor to consider as a disproportionate look can be made by having something too large or too small. So, it is important to decide the specific size before you start shopping. Chandeliers are considered as a statement piece so if you are in doubt you can go for a large size. To make your chandelier to be the center focus of the room, use the rules mentioned below:

  • Measure the room’s length and width
  • Add both of them together 
  • The grand total of the numbers should be equal to the diameter of your chandelier. 
2. Choose the right style: Once you have decided what size will fit your space, let’s now turn to the next part which is choosing the right style of flush mount chandelier lighting. They are available in so many styles so you have to check your existing decor to match it perfectly. Some of the designs include:
  • Industrial type 
  • Farmhouse style 
  • Tiered chandelier 
  • Crystal form
  • Beaded type

3. Check the direction of light input: Another factor to consider is to make sure that the light coming out of the lighting fixture should not be glary. This can be worse if the light of the bulb is coming directly at your face. So be careful with the direction of light. Remember to check if the bulbs are concealed or exposed. If they are exposed you must consider adding a dimmer to your light fixture chandelier to check the light output. 

4. Consider the finish of the chandelier: For a modern appearance, you can go with a nickel or chromatic finish. Always remember that the finish and material of your lighting fixture should match nicely with your existing decor. Chandeliers are available in various styles and sets. So pick the one that has downward-facing lightning if you want a more relaxed atmosphere. Generally, metal finishes are considered to be more formal than painted ones. 

    5. Be careful with the purpose of the chandelier: They provide a flair and a beautiful ambiance to your room, so do not expect them as a primary source of light. Chandeliers are perfect for secondary light sources and they look best when used in synchronized form with the tiered lighting. 


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