Trending Design of LED Floor Lamps Suitable for Small Bedrooms & Living Room

A well-lit house tells everything about its positive aura. A house that features luxurious furniture is nothing at all without the proper lighting. Modern LED floor lamps are perfect if you are looking for modern lighting fixtures for your house. They add architectural detail to your house’s décor theme. They not only bring more lighting into the room but also acts as a beautiful piece that is functional and decorative as well.

A floor lamp is a beautiful addition to your house, be it your bedroom corner, study room, or either side of a sofa in your living space. These lamps will give your room an aesthetic appeal while saving the room space from bulky light fixtures otherwise. If you want to buy floor lamps for your house, this guide will definitely help you in finding a great purchase. 

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Modern LED floor lamps

Trending Designs of LED Floor Lamps

Following are some of our favorite modern designs of led floor lamps that will be suitable for small bedrooms as well as living spaces. 

For small bedrooms: You can transform the look of your small bedrooms by using innovative lighting fixtures ideas and make them look more spacious at the same time.

1. Modern bedroom flush mount chandelier lighting: Chandeliers give ambient lighting and serve as an amazing décor element in any bedroom. The flush mount chandelier lighting is the perfect lighting fixtures option to give a bedroom a contemporary touch. Make sure to install the lights closer to the ceiling, this will help to make the ceiling of the room higher and the room will appear larger. 

2. Pendant lights: Pendant lights are a suitable space-efficient bedroom lighting design as they will not use any floor space, unlike other traditional bedside lamps. Pendant lights can be hung from the ceiling on either side of the bed which will help to spread maximum light in the bedroom. You can also use colorful pendant lights and match them with bedroom decor to impart a retro feel. 

3. Wall sconces: Another space-saving bedroom lighting fixtures are wall sconces that can be installed on either side of your bed. You can find them in several designs, like circular, spotlight designs, candle sconces, swing arm sconces, lamp-shaped designs, and many more. If you want any customization then they can also be done in wall sconces. So they are a timeless piece for small bedrooms. They are sleek and bring a contemporary touch to your room.

For living spaces: Led floor lamps not only enhance the aesthetic of your living space but also help in making the space look more cinematic and elegant. So having floor lamps is a great idea for your living space. 

1. A contemporary floor lamp that gives your living space a timeless look: They are more about functionality and less about flowery aesthetics. Contemporary floor lamps are slim, subtle, and yet efficient. They generally slide into the backdrop and give light to your sofa which is perfect for reading nooks or even for good conversations. Floor lamps that come with a gorgeous lampshade can also fit into the contemporary setting when used properly. The only thing that you have to take care of is that the pattern, texture, color, and style of the lampshade should be in sync with your existing decor. 

2. Minimal floor lamp lighting for a monochromatic look: Most people believe in minimalism. Not everyone really requires a floor lamp that is vibrant and is over the top. So if minimalistic is on your mind and you do not want a bulky floor lamp within your living room then a functional yet neatly etched living room lamp is the perfect option for you. Mostly it’s like a sleek  body in a dark color that has a single light source in it which is deficient of a fancy lampshade. 

3. Wow everyone with accent lighting fixtures: Let’s not forget that it's not only about functional lighting. Living space is also a place of comfort and a get-together space that features your favorite decor and works of art. So you can add accent lighting fixtures to help highlight your space. Accent lamps are the most decorative art pieces so they can serve your double purpose of decorating your living space and providing extra lighting in the room. 

The important consideration to see when using floor lamps for your living space: 

Here are a few important things to keep in mind:

  • Height: Remember the lower side of your floor lamp must be placed at eye level. It helps in protecting your eyes from straining. 
  • Location: This is advisable to keep the floor lamp in a way that it does not become an obstacle while moving within the living area. Like you can keep it on the sides of your couch. 
  • Pairing: To create a contrasting effect, you must put together the floor lamp with the correct type of table or wall lamp. If you are thinking of mixing and matching then always do it with the correct light setting for a flawless effect.


Decorate your house according to your style and taste. Good lighting is the most important consideration in decorating any house. So add a good amount of lighting fixtures to your space and make it look like your dream house. Floor lamps play a double role of functionality and style so select the one that suits your space and does the job of illuminating it as well. 

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