Stylish Floor Lamps Online That Are Also Works of Art

Floor lamps aren’t just the perfect decorative element to light a dull space. While decorating your space, lighting plays a vital role in making or breaking your home’s curb appeal. A floor lamp is a perfect and easiest way to get the lights up and down in the same spot. Furthermore, they are also works of art and can be the focal point of any space. They have become a great functional element that brings all the fun and drama to any space in a way that no one can compete with. 

Studies have proved that lightning and mood have a direct connection with each other: getting a suitable amount of lightning will boost productivity, happiness levels, and concentration while dim lighting will give a feeling of depression. So as a result, an adequate amount of lighting is a very important element to get it right in your home. What’s more, they make a stunning style statement in their own way. 

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Through this guide we will help you to shed light on the best floor lamps for your home, follow the below tips:

1. Visualize the overall ambiance 

Aesthetically, a stunning piece of floor lamp can add versatility, warmth, and sculptural quality to a space. The vibe that comes from various styles of lights in a space builds a charm and visual interest in the room. 

A single piece of floor lamp can stabilize something weighty to the other part of the room while a set of lamps can accentuate a part of the room. If you have two pieces of lamps that are not the same, you do not want them to compete; you must balance them. Like you cannot place a weighty floor lamp right next to any weighty chair. 

So what you are planning to accomplish will reflect how much wattage you want. For example, if you are planning to light up a room, you will need a high wattage. If the floor lamp serves as a reading light then you require 60 watts of light on your page.

2. Look at the overall look of the room

Scale is an important factor to consider. Think of how you are going to plan your space. Thin and minimalist lamps will not even be visible in a big room that is surrounded by huge furniture, so just a heavy imposing light will give a refined look to the room. The right floor lamp can be placed in the corner of a room or next to your sofa for an exquisite look. 

You can also try to have a floor lamp that is slightly different from your architecture. Like for ultra-modern spaces, you can opt for modern floor lamps rather than ultra-modern, it will give a little softness and earthiness to your space.

Take a note: Remember to consider the height when buying and arranging lamps. You must compare the height of the base and stand with the ceiling of the rooms and the sitting height of the bed, sofas, and chairs. 

3. Go creative

If you are creative and looking for some creative DIY ideas to add character and uniqueness to your space, below are some DIY floor lamp ideas:

  • If there is an old lantern in your house, you can give it a makeover by painting it. After the makeover, you can just hang it in your room to create a rustic and lighthouse-like floor lamp.
  • One of the best ideas to decorate a floor lamp is to have tall and chic glass as the base of your lampshade. You can add some colored stones to make it more classic and unique. 
  • You can also transform a decorative piece by modifying your bedside table and floor lamp. In the center of it make a hole for the cord and connect a baluster to the table surface, fix the lampshade, and lastly the bulb. 

Pro tip: Floor lamps must be in key positions in a room to emphasize the corner or to add a spark of color and lighting to the corner space. 

4. Practical and magnificent for an intimate atmosphere 

Floor lamps can intensify the intimacy of a room and help in providing light to specific seating areas by making them more efficient and functional. So they can give an intense effect on the mood and overall look of the room. You do not require any type of assembly for its installation, you just have to put the plug into the socket to get it to work. 

The right reading point helps you to enjoy the right lighting so that the eyes do not get strained while using the laptop, or while watching TV, and so on, simply you have to place the floor lamp near your room’s sofa or armchair. Figure out the finishes, the settings, lighting, and the overall vision of a space. 

Stylish tip: To widen the flexibility of lighting in your space, go for multiple lamps having dimmable bulbs - this way you can set the blissful mood at different times of the day.

Choosing floor lamps online to suit your space

Lighting has the power to emphasize your spatial and emotional perception of your neighboring area. We hope you will use this guide to maximize the functionalities, elegance, and atmosphere of your home and for personalizing your space gracefully.

The correct floor lamp will complement and emphasize your home design scheme. Modern floor lamps come in all types of shapes, colors, materials like wood, brass, silk, cotton, jute, metallic bases, etc. If you are thinking to buy floor lamps for your space, you should consider the scale and dimensions of all your rooms and the overall design theme. 

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