Tips for Buying Dressers & Chest of Drawers Online

Before getting anything, you first have to figure out the right ways to get it. Regardless if you are getting an automobile or furniture for the house, you need to have the right tips to get it. If you have the right tips, you will certainly get what you need; something that will match your style.

When you want to buy a dresser or chest of drawers, you need the right tips to get something great. You want to get something that fits your style, works well for the décor, and serves a purpose. Below are some great tips for buying the right dressers and chest drawers online.

modern bedroom dresser

Know What Size Dressers You Need

If you're not sure what size dresser to get, here are a few helpful tips:

  • Consider your available space. If you don't have much room, try a small dresser or chest of drawers.
  • If you need lots of storage space, opt for a tall dresser with multiple drawers.
  • If you have a small room and want the illusion of spaciousness, consider getting a mirrored dresser (if your budget allows it).

When looking to buy dressers online, getting the right dressers can be tricky; all you need is to measure right. One of the first things you need to know is how big your room is. You don't want to have something big that will take up much space in your house.

Even if the one you are looking to get is smaller, it should fit it right. Don't get something that will look like a drop in the ocean while in your house.

Measure Your Space Before You Buy a New Dresser

When shopping for home furniture online, it's important to measure your available space. This will ensure that you can fit the dresser into your home and that it has enough room for things like doors and hallways. Remember that measurements are given of the actual furniture itself and not of the amount of space it will occupy in your house.

Remember to consider where you'll be storing your beautiful new piece—it may need to pass through doorways or hallways before reaching its destination. Measure those areas so that all goes smoothly when moving day arrives.

Decide What Style of Dressers You Want

Do you want a modern dresser or something more traditional? It's all about style and matching the theme of your house when getting the right dresser. It would help if you considered the style you have for the other furniture pieces in your house before you get the one.

While it's unnecessary, matching your dressers to the rest of your bedroom furniture will create a cohesive look and make it easier to match up accessories. Find the one that works, even if they aren't the same style, as long as you can mix and match them.

Figure Out If You Need A Small Dresser or If You Have Space

It's all about space and the room. You have to keep the dresser to get it right. The more space you have, the taller you can go for your dresser. Here are a few ideas you can use to get it all right

  • Look at the dimensions of the dresser, and then look at the dimensions of your space to see if they're compatible. If they are, great. If not, maybe consider getting a smaller dresser that's more appropriate for your room. Or perhaps even consider getting a taller one to have more space in your closet.

It can also be about semantics, depending on how much you are willing to compromise.

Look At The Number of Drawers in Different Chests

When buying a chest of drawers, decide how many drawers you need. Chests come with varying numbers of drawers and also vary in size. For example, some chests may have smaller drawers and larger ones on the bottom, while others may have medium-sized or large ones.

The number of items you need to store will determine which type of chest works best for your needs.

Chest of Drawers Can Be Used As Other Furniture Pieces

You can use the chest of drawers as much as any other piece of furniture. You can use them to enhance your house décor – you only need to get creative on how to use them.

  • Use a tall dresser as a chest tv stand. This is helpful if you don't have room for an entertainment center or if you want to save space in your living room or bedroom.
  • Replace your nightstand with a chest of drawers. The tall and narrow profile works nicely for smaller spaces, like bedrooms and guest rooms. This gives you more storage options (and extra room) for the nightstand items that most people keep on their bedside tables: books, magazines, and lamps.
  • Put a chest of drawers in place of your kitchen island. If you have limited counter space but need more storage space in your kitchen, this is an ideal solution—it adds lots of extra storage without taking up much floor space.

Overall, as long as you are creative, you can make it work when you have the right dressers and chest to play around with.

Get Reviews

Reviews are your best friend when buying a modern bedroom dresser or chest of drawers online. They can tell you if the dresser is sturdy and well-made, fits well in your available space, and how easy it is to put together.

Pay special attention to any negative reviews that may seem like legitimate concerns. For example, "the drawers don't close properly." This can help you avoid making a mistake with your purchase.


Getting the right dresser isn't as easy as getting a bucket of chicken wings, even if you are looking online. You only need to be smart about handling the whole process if you are to get the right one. These are some of the tips you can use if you are to get the right dressers and drawer chests today.