Rule to Pick the Right Bar Stools for Your Kitchen and Hotels

Let’s take a moment to close your eyes and imagine your dream kitchen. What would it look like? Beyond aesthetics, what other functional features would you love to have? Nowadays eat-in kitchens have become more popular so it’s the bar stools that have become a kitchen essential. Bar stools will emphasize your living space by their aesthetic appearance. 

It’s often the last step in completing your kitchen bar or any hotel bar and is one of the most important. The right bar stools can suit seamlessly with your home or hotel bar, matching the style and sitting at just the perfect height for the counter. Primarily, it should keep your guests comfortable so they spend plenty of their time at your place.

But when you go to the market, the biggest challenge you’ll ever have is choosing the right type from the vast collection of options available. So make sure you find the ideal stool for your bar! There are endless amounts of bar stools available in the market, so before you choose any bar stool set, consider the following key factors which can help you to narrow down the options. Let's get started!

Adjustable height stools

Measure the Counter Height: 

If you don’t go with the adjustable height stool route, your bar stools must match your bar’s height so that the people can comfortably grab their drinks and rest their arms on the bar. As a rule, if your area’s countertop is of the same height as your other countertops, then you must go with a counter height stool. And if you have a raised countertop that is higher than everything else, then you must go with a bar height stool. 

In general, bar height stools range between 29 and 32 inches. So bar stools having a height of 30 inches are an ideal bet for hotel bars. Whereas counter height stools are between 23 and 28 inches tall. This is the standard height for kitchen bar stools so this type of bar stool will go great for your dining area. You must have about 10 inches of gap between the seat and the top of the countertop. 

Pro tip: First measure your bar. After that choose bar stools which allow for 9” - 12” between the countertop or bottom of the bar table and the top of the bar stool.

Match Details to Your Home Style

Bar stools are available in every imaginable style, color, and shape. Choosing bar seating that matches the style of your house ensures that the bar has a cohesive consistency and that every room in your house flows naturally into the next. Bar stools that are made up of wood go well with rustic style homes, while plastic or metal types are common materials for contemporary bar stools. 

Overall style: In general, you’ll want to have a counter stool that blends with the overall style of the home. Some interior decor style is:

  • Modern
  • Transitional 
  • Industrial 
  • Coastal
  • Rustic
  • Boho
  • Shabby chic

Most of the spaces are a blend of designs. Avoid picking counter stools that can clash with your home style. If there are lots of hard surfaces at your home then pick stools that bring some softness with fabric, cushioning, or leather.

Search for Convenient Features 

When you want your guests to be comfortable, simple and sober features often make all the difference. So before finalizing, it is important to consider your comfort needs. Besides considering your needs, find a style that will best complement your space. Here are the three most common features to look at:

Adjustable height stools are not only meant for the barbershop, as adjustable height stools can accommodate all the guests of any height. Colter adjustable stools have long been a fixture at various bars, making it comfortable for the guests to turn around and talk easily among themselves. This will also make it easier for the guests to get in and out of the seat by not interfering with the comfort of the other person sitting next to them.

Footrest: Mostly people do not feel comfortable when their feet dangle, so for comfort, a footrest is a must. 

Arms: Bar stools with an arm are a perfect option if you sit there for a longer time. They add a level of comfort. If you look forward to people sitting on the stool for a longer duration of time, then a bar stool with arms may be the right selection for your needs. 

So the above features will guide you when you are looking at extra accessories which come with bar stools.

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Balance Back Height for Ease and Aesthetic

What type of back you want to choose for your bar stools depends on the level of comfort and the look you want. Backless barstools are a great choice when it particularly comes to swivel bar stools. If you want stools that give back support, then low back and high back is a good option. Backless stools are perfect for a minimalist look. Higher back seats tend to be more comfortable. 

The back and backless factors do not have any hard and fast rules- it’s more about how you live, how much time you will be sitting there, and how your home is set up. 

Go for Durable Seating Materials

Don’t take lightly about the seating material, as if you make the best and right choice you will spend plenty of your time sitting there. When making your selection, make sure to consider the environmental surroundings where the stool will be used. 

Wood is a common choice for bar stool frames and seats. They offer a traditional look and are durable. If you are looking to use your wood bar stools outside, then you must choose denser wood like acacia, teak, and eucalyptus. 

Leather bar stools accentuate the comfort level and have a luxurious appearance. 

Metal and plastic bar stools go well with the modern aesthetic and are one more durable option available. Metal bar stools have a sleek silhouette that makes them best suited for small spaces. 

Whatever you choose, ensure you know how to clean them in case of spills. 


An ideal bar stool should go well with your living space without any compromise of your comfort. Of course, there will be several factors that will impact your choice, but the above-highlighted tips will help you make a perfect decision regarding your buying needs.

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Happy shopping!