The Best Coffee Tables According to Your Living Room Space

The heart of every living room space is the coffee table. Buying a coffee table is one of the most important decisions that you’ll have to make and is mostly overlooked. It usually takes the center stage in every living room. It is a great place where the style is alive though it is mostly used as a landing space for drinks, laptops, papers, and remote controls. 

The coffee table is probably what gives a living room space the most character. So it would be the first decorative furniture piece you should consider when shifting into a new place or while redecorating your house. Plenty of you must have belabored the choice of a coffee table, but we are sure no matter what side of those scenarios you may find yourself, you might need some suggestion or inspiration in a department of buying a coffee table. 

So let’s get started!

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Why does your living room space require a coffee table?

You must think about it. A coffee table serves various purposes in your living space. It’s a place used to rest cups or glasses. It’s a place where you keep your books, newspapers, photo albums, laptops, or anything that you like having within your easy reach. It can be a place to spread out a board game for your family to get together or for kids to do their homework. 

When there’s something very good on TV, it can be used as the dining room table. And of course, you can use it as a prop to place your feet at the end of your busy day.

So it is a kind of furniture that incorporates form and function, style and service. 

Shapes of coffee table

Coffee tables come in various shapes. Here are some of the basic shapes to choose from.

1. Oval-shaped coffee table: Oval coffee tables are perfect for balancing form and function. Also, they do not have any sharp edges so they are ideal for people with kids. They have enough space on top of it for storing things. 

2. Rectangular shaped coffee table: The rectangular shaped coffee table is the classic modern table that has the most practical shape because it’s theoretically within the reach of everybody seated around. 

3. Square-shaped coffee table: They are best for smaller couches and living rooms with compact space. They will give a beautiful and symmetrical look to your living room. Also, they offer storage beneath the surface. 

4. Round shaped coffee table: A round-shaped coffee table is also a great solution for compact living space and one where the sofa or chairs are organized in a U pattern around the table. 

With the above details provided, you will be now able to choose the right coffee table set for your living room space and therefore make your area that invites your guests and is functional. 

Coffee table materials to choose from

Talking of materials, Coffee tables are available in various types of materials that vary in functionality and longevity. 

  • Wood: Wood is the most classic material for coffee tables and is very durable. If you want a rustic or traditional feel to your living room then wood coffee tables are a great choice. 
  • Laminate: They are mostly cheaper than a wood coffee table and are popular for their durability. They are available in any color and shape. They give a touch of elegance to any living space and complements your decor perfectly. 
  • Glass top: Glass coffee tables give a modern and sleek look to your living space. They are a very popular option as you can paint them in any style you want and can easily coordinate them with the rest of your decor. 
  • Marble or stone: Marble is a weighty and expensive coffee table material. They are among the highly sought-after coffee tables around. The stone tops are mostly on a metal or wood base. You have to be careful with your shins!

How to select the best coffee tables?

When it’s time to finally start searching for your next coffee table, take the following consideration points in mind:

  • Size of your space: Somebody has rightly said that scale and proportion go hand in hand. So you have to be very cautious about the size of your living space room. If the coffee table is too large for your space then it will dwarf the other decor and will make the room look crowded. And if it's too small it will look like you have goofed and have purchased the wrong size!

  • Consider the shape: Think about the best shape for living space. Note some points like if you have children or pets, if your room is larger or it is smaller and narrower. A round or oval-shaped coffee table is ideal for people having kids or pets. To make a balance with the other shapes in your room you can consider a circular shape if everything else is rectangular. It’s always good to make a balance of not too much of one thing, a little mix and match helps it feel good and curated.

  • Relate it to your space: You need to decide how the coffee table will be used in your living space. If this is your main gathering space of the home then you should choose a sturdier and more durable material such as wood. If your living space is used formally for a few hours then you can opt for something more expensive and decorative.

  • Size of your existing furniture: The size of the existing furniture should also be considered just like the size of your living space. Ideally, the size of the coffee table should be 1 half to 2 third the length of your couch or sofa, or either it should be of the same height or an inch shorter. 

  • Budget: The price of a coffee table ranges from ultra-expensive to very budget-friendly. Before shopping for a coffee table you should know how much you want to spend on it. We suggest you must invest in quality furnishings that last over time. 


Now that we have shared all the details regarding the purchase of the best coffee table. It’s time to shop! Finding the best coffee table can take some effort and consideration but it is not an overwhelming task. We have provided enough information, now finding a perfect modern coffee table set can be fun and inspirational. 

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