Tips to Add Style to Your Master Bedroom

Everybody loves a beautiful room and a tidy space, especially when it comes to the bedroom. When you can achieve both at the same time with your master bedroom, perfect. No matter how large or small your master bedroom is, there are lots of ways you can add style and organization to the space.

You only need a few pointers on how you can do that. Below, you'll find a few ideas on how you can add style to your master bedroom – and you can do it to a personalized idea.

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Clean it up

Adding style to your master bedroom isn’t all buy beds online concept. One of the easiest way you can start off the whole project is by cleaning up all the clutter in your room. Here a few ideas on how you can get the cleaning going.

  • Get rid of old clothes, books, and other stuff that you don't need.
  • Don't forget about the closet. Pull out all of your clothes from the closet and make sure to organize them by outfit or occasion so it can be easier to put together outfits in the morning (or whenever you get ready).
  • Don't forget about under-bed storage. If there are plenty of bins/boxes/bags already, be sure to clear them out and re-organize what needs to go back into one place to create a more functional space.
  • While people often focus on tidying up floors and surfaces, you tend to forget about how important it is to clean out pantries or drawers clutter.

Move Furniture Around

You can use your bed or couch as the focal point of a room, which will make it look more like a bedroom and less like an office or living room. If you're looking for something more neutral, you can try using an armchair instead of your usual armchair because it's not as big and bulky.

Another option is using shelves instead of bookshelves on one wall so that your entire room doesn't feel too cluttered with things like photos and artwork hanging everywhere. If you can get home furniture online to help you with some of the space you’ve created, the better.

If you want something modern yet rustic at the same time, consider adding some wooden beams overtop the existing ones made from metal pipes that run across the ceiling. This design looks great when paired with exposed brick walls or flooring made out of wood planks.

Rearrange throw Pillows

Throw pillows can be a fun way to add color, texture, and pattern to an otherwise neutral space. However, the same old arrangement of three- or four-square ones gets boring after a while. Try mixing things up by using different shapes, different sizes, and varying patterns.

You can place one large pillow at the end of your bed that has a bold pattern or color on it for a little extra visual interest. When you walk into the room at night before bedtime, it will feel more like your style and home. Or maybe instead of having just one large throw pillow next to your headboard, add two smaller ones on either side.

There is still some contrast but not too much bulkiness in this area—this will also help create balance within an asymmetrical design scheme if that happens to be what works best for you.

Choose New Bed Linen

When you think about your bedroom, the first thing that comes to mind is probably a comfortable bed. You spend a third of your life in it, so it's important that your bed be cozy and inviting. And while finding the right mattress is important, there are more things to consider when choosing linens.

If you're going to spend good money on a mattress only to cover it with cheap sheets, then why bother spending any money at all?

The new bed linen should be:

  • Be soft and comfortable
  • Be durable and long-lasting
  • Be easy to care for—no one wants an ironing board in their bedroom. This means no fraying or pilling after just one wash cycle. Also, look for wrinkle-free fabrics so you don't have to take extra time getting ready each morning.

Get A New Headboard

A headboard can be one of the most expensive pieces in a bedroom; it doesn't have to be. You can buy a new one if you know the best places to get one, especially if you're looking online. A headboard is an essential part of any master bedroom, and you need to get one to style up the room.

Probably the easiest option to get a new headboard is to buy modern style beds online. Many people use it because there are so many options available online that fit different styles and tastes. You can get anything you want when you know where to look online.

DIY Headboard (from reclaimed wood, or an old door or window frame)

You don’t need to buy beds for sale online, you'll need to get creative with the headboard. Some of the best options for creating a unique headboard are old doors and window frames. If you don't have access to these materials, try looking for pieces at thrift stores or online.

If you're going the door route:

  • Remove any hardware from your door before taking it apart. The goal is to make it as flat as possible, so removing the hinges and knob will help with this process.
  • Cut down the door into equal-sized pieces using an electric saw or hand saw depending on your power source/preference. You should end up with three pieces—two long sides and one top piece that will be cut into an arch shape later on in order to match up with your bed frame's dimensions perfectly.

Make sure not to over-cut here though because this will leave much less room than necessary when attaching your finished project later.

Decorate with Trays, Pencil Cups and Desktop Organizers

Trays: Place decorative trays on top of the dresser or nightstand to display items. It's a great way to add instant style to your bedroom. You can also use these as storage options by placing them in the closet and filling them with jewelry and other personal items.

Pencil cups: Keep pens and pencils organized in one place with a cute pencil cup. Whether you prefer plastic or ceramic, having this small accent on your desk will help keep everything tidy when you're done with your work for the day.

You should also think of getting a desktop organizer for your desk. When everything is organized, it all looks styled up and brings a new light to your master bedroom.


There you go, these are a few helpful tips and ideas to help you get started on making your master bedroom more stylish. It doesn't need to be expensive, or even complicated, even a little DIY work will go a long way.