7 Mid-Century Modern Style King & Queen Size Beds for Your Bedroom Interior

When it comes to your bedroom, the bed is one of the dominant things there. Regardless of what you have there if the bed isn’t right, the room won’t feel right. It would help if you had the right bed as it is the one that will decide the theme for the room

Getting the right bed means you need to get some things right. For example, the style and the idea need to be thought out. If you are looking for a mid-century bed, you need to know precisely what you want regardless of the size of the bed to bring out the best of the interior.

Mid-century modern style beds aren’t as complicated as you think as they are more of the everyday style you’d meet everywhere. It would help if you had something to bring the best out of the interior and make the room pop. Below are 7 of the best ideas of mid-century modern style king and queen size beds to choose from.

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1. Eliza Metal Bed

When looking for a bed to make your interior look different mid-century modern, you need to look at this one. This is the kind of bed you want if you have different rooms. You can have this bed for a studio apartment, which looks great with any piece of furniture.

You can also have a headboard with this bed as it doesn’t have a headboard. The simple exterior of the bed makes it all the more attractive. You can then have a piece of art around the bed to make a whole different look.

When you have the bed in a studio, it will work well as part of the home décor furniture. It can decide the theme of the room if you want something different.

2. Theron Bed

This Theron bed will stand out from the mid-century bed when you want to buy beds online. This is the bed that looks more of a chesterfield but slightly different in the details. The headboard here makes the whole concept of the bed look elegant.

When you buy modern-style beds, you need to look closely at this bed. You’ll need to get the right furniture to match the bed. It will look out of place if you don’t get other furniture to match the bed.

3. Gatsby Bed

Bed for sale online has got to include the Gatsby bed as it makes for a different style for the interior. The bed will work well for a studio apartment or any other room type. The skeleton feel of the frame also makes the bed feel a bit different than others.

When you have it in the bedroom, you will change the whole concept of the room. You can have an antique feel about the room thanks to the bed. You can then add other furniture ideas, such as bedside tables, to complete the antique look of the house.

The height of the bed also makes it one of the ideal beds when you want to have some space at the bottom of the bed.

4. Streep Bed

Another bed that more or less looks like a Chesterfield with a twist is this one. It borrows almost the whole concept straight to the tall and massive headboard. When you get a queen-size bed here, it will make for a different and new look interior for your bedroom.

This is the kind that will go well with almost all the home décor furniture you want to have in the bedroom. Having this bed for a studio apartment won’t bring out the kind of fashion you want. You can also choose several colors for this bed as it gives variety.

You don’t need to be limited when it comes to color – you can bring in a suitable theme and curtains to match the bed. It is one of the ideal beds when you’re looking to buy modern style beds. It maintains the mid-century feel you’d want to have in the interior too.

5. Solania Bed

If you want a classy look to go with the mid-century feel for the interior, this is the type of bed you need to go for. If you’re a bougie, this is the bed you want to get to as it completes the look for the room. It would help pair it with side tables to make it stand out.

The bed can easily stand out in the room and make the theme complete. For a white-themed look, this one will about take it. The look will make the room feel cozy, classy, and welcoming – all aspects you want with a place you rest.

6. Paloma Metal Retro Bed

Metal beds are still some of the greatest ideas if you want to get a mid-century feel about the bedroom. The bed isn’t bulky, making it one of the most comfortable beds if you don’t have much space. The other good thing is that the bed will stand out on its own regardless.

You can also opt to pair it with other décors, but it can do well on its own. If you are looking for that simple finish to the room, this is the bed you want to go for.

7. Beckham Bed

When searching for beds for sale online, you need to pay close attention to this Beckham bed. You want this bed for that classy as finesse looks to the bedroom. The room will not lose the mid-century feel about it either when you go for this.

This is by no means a simple style, and you will need to find the right mattress for the bed. The normal mattress may not work well with this bed, though. The headboard you get here will stand out in any room.


When looking for a mid-century modern-style bed, you aren’t short of options here. You need to know what your room needs before you go for any of the beds. These are just a few beds options that represent the mid-century type of beds that you can choose from.